What to Remodel to Increase Home Value: The Details That Lead to Higher Home Valuations
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Ensuring that you get the best price possible for your home when it comes the time to sell is on many homeowners’ minds. However, homeowners may not know what to remodel to increase home value. Several simple jobs to more time-consuming tasks successfully bring you a higher return if you are considering putting your home on the market.  

Interior Remodel Jobs

Many interior remodeling jobs will provide immediate results when you want to list your home on the market. By thinking about esthetics, making the house’s interior look better and be more functional will lead to higher home values. 

Kitchen Remodeling

It is no surprise that kitchens sell homes, so spending the time and money on a kitchen renovation is well worth it. Of course, some homeowners will opt for a refacing rather than a complete reno, but either one will help increase the appeal and value of your home. 

For the highest home resale value, a complete kitchen renovation can help bring you a return of almost 60% of the total cost when you sell your home later. 

Bathroom Renovation

Next to the kitchen, the bathrooms of a home can make or break a sale. Having an updated bathroom will provide better functionality and make your home appear more livable to potential buyers. 

Adding low-flow toilets, replacing fixtures, and new countertops will all help give you a higher home value. 

Upgrade the Appliances 

Major appliances in the kitchen and your utility room are essential for daily living. If these items are older, do not match, or are not Energy-Star compliant, upgrading them will increase your selling price. 

Ensure that your kitchen appliances match and they are energy-efficient. Think about upgrading your furnace or hot water tank to a tankless system, as these items will bring you a considerable return on investment when it comes time to sell your home. 

Repainting House

While you may love that salmon-colored feature wall in your sitting room, potential buyers may not. Choose neutral, lighter colors instead, and repaint your walls, and it will appear more appealing to a new homeowner. In addition, a fresh coat of paint will do wonders for your overall value.

Add Lighting to Home or Update Light Fixtures 

Potential buyers prefer homes that have natural light or have adequate lighting. However, if your home is dark or has outdated light fixtures, you can turn around the ambiance in no time. 

Think about adding extra pot lights to your kitchen space where light may be limited, especially underneath your cabinetry. 

Hallways do not get the attention they need, either. Dark, dingy hallways are not inviting for buyers, so include additional lighting to give the look of more space. 

Adding dimmer switches is a simple task that does not carry a hefty price tag but will bring more value to your home. If your fixtures are old, consider spending a bit of your budget updating your chandeliers and other light options. 

Wood Flooring 

If you wonder what percentage of home remodels add to property value, then look no further than your flooring. If your home does not have wood flooring, this feature is something you should seriously consider choosing to bring you the best possible price. 

For homeowners who currently have wood flooring, they may need some sprucing up to look new again. Refinishing can bring you a significant return in the resale value with a minimal amount of work. 

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Remodeling Home Exterior 

Remodeling projects should not just be an inside job. You can tackle several things outside that will give you the best possible return and increase your home value. From attractive landscaping to exterior projects, many of these jobs will provide an exceptional return on investment. 

Replace Roof 

While replacing a roof is not an easy or inexpensive job, it can bring you over 100% return on investment. In addition, this project will help increase the property value of your home significantly, making it more attractive for potential buyers. 

Roof replacement is the top choice for anyone wondering what to remodel to increase home value. 

Replace and Update Doors and Windows 

Negative first impressions can turn off potential buyers. If you have an older home, consider replacing your doors and windows with updated ones. Like a fresh coat of paint, new garage and entrance doors can make a world of difference in the total value of your home. 

When installing updated, more energy-efficient windows, you can bring a higher price tag on the market when listing your home. Saving money on energy bills is an attractive feature for many potential homeowners. 

Change Home Siding 

First impressions are everything, and a potential buyer will see the outside of your home first. If you have old siding that is worn or has cracks or blemishes, changing it out to vinyl or fiber-cement material will give you the highest return when it comes time to sell. 

New maintenance-free siding is an attractive feature for many homeowners, and you can recover up to 76% of the upfront costs when you invest in new siding before selling your home. 

Add an Outdoor Deck to Home

Attractive features for your house do not have to stay indoors when you want to increase your home value. For example, when many homeowners add an outdoor deck, they can significantly bring up the overall value. 

Outdoor living spaces are an appealing factor in many locations, so take advantage of this remodel task and include a comfortable deck where residents and visitors can enjoy the yard around them. 

Adding an Addition onto Your Home

Value added from additional square footage to your home can be enjoyed for many years to come. You can add on to create a home that fits your lifestyle so you can fully enjoy it. If you ever decide to sell, it is important to take into account the resale value and make this addition tasteful for a future high return on investment.

Popular additions include: garages, kitchens, laundry rooms, bathrooms, mudrooms, sunrooms, adding a second-story, or bonus rooms for an office, gym, game room, man-cave or loft!

Remodel to Increase Your Home Value

Not every homeowner will have the budget or time to consider all of these remodeling options, unfortunately. But, of course, if you are handy around the home, many of these jobs can be DIY projects and save you money in completing them rather than hiring a contractor. 

But choosing significant items, like a complete kitchen remodel or a new roof, can greatly increase your home value when listing it on the market for resale. Talk to your local real estate agent, and they can tell you the current want for home renovations that will bring you the highest home value

Home Remodeling with Emery Lane

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