Emery Lane is Being Called One of the Best Home Builders in Arizona
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What lane do you want to call home? A growing number of Arizonans want to call Emery Lane home because Emery Lane is being called one of the best home builders in Arizona.

Among home builders in AZ, Emery Lane Homes stands out as a builder of luxury homes that make the most of the Arizona lifestyle. The company’s quality and attention to detail make the homes they build and their home remodels the best in Arizona.  

Your Arizona home may need an update or expansion, but you don’t need to start over by building a new home. Emery Lane offers a home remodeling contractor that can make your home look and feel brand new.  

The luxury touches that Emery Lane adds to new homes can also be part of your home remodel. 

If you’re online searching “home remodeling contractors near me,†Emery Lane is where your search should end. They offer the best in Phoenix home building and updates.  

The Emery Lane Difference 

There are other building contractors in Arizona. What sets Emery Lane apart from the rest is their knowledge, skill, and experience in home building and updates to existing homes. As a certified home remodeling contractor, Emery Lane is among the best home builders in Arizona and an expert in home projects. 

These qualities are part of the Emery Lane difference. 


Emery Lane’s quality is a feeling as well as form and function. When your home is built or remodeled by Emery Lane, you can rely on the quality of results as well as the beauty of the finished home remodel. 

Browse hundreds of renovation projects completed by the Emery Lane team online or by visiting the best neighborhoods of the Phoenix metro area. They have a history of making homeowners happy.

Customers give the company high marks for the quality of their work. You can be assured that a job completed by Emery Lane is a job well done.

Planning and Design 

Since Emery Lane’s services include architecture, it is known as a home remodeling company that can handle all parts of a home remodel, from design and planning to construction and adding the finishing touches.  

Choosing projects that will add to a home’s value is where Emery Lane’s advice can pay off. Emery Lane’s team can help in planning a project’s timeline and steps to completion.

Count on the Emery Lane team for well-designed and thoughtfully planned home renovation projects.


Emery Lane has more than two decades of experience in home building and home renovations. Their quality work is on display in luxury neighborhoods throughout Phoenix and Arizona, so the Arizona home builders, Emery Lane, is a company you can trust. 

Founded by Realtor and developer Chad Klock and experienced builder Richard Cardenas, Emery Lane encompasses the expertise of both to provide superior home building and renovations to its customers. 

Klock has bought and sold more than $100 million in single- and multi-family housing and commercial property in the past four years. Cardenas, an expert general contractor, has built or remodeled nearly 800 homes around the country.

Emery Lane’s Home Remodeling Process 

Emery Lane builds to suit. Usually, Emery Lane’s large-scale home renovation projects are done while the residents stay elsewhere, resulting in quality work being done quicker. 

Updating a home can be straightforward and simple, and Emery Lane will be with you all the way. 


The first step in a successful home remodel is to decide what you want. Emery Lane has its own architectural services, so your plans can be translated into blueprints for a home remodel. 

Set a Budget 

Knowing how much you want to spend makes the home renovation process with Emery Lane surprise-free. Emery Lane works with homeowners to arrive at a project cost that they can afford.  

Hire a Contractor 

Since Emery Lane is a certified home remodeling contractor, Emery Lane can manage your luxury home remodel from start to finish. 

Permits and Materials 

As a home renovation contractor, Emery Lane will handle the hassle of getting all necessary permits and completing all paperwork involved. From there, the company will order the quality materials needed to complete any home renovation project.  


This stage is why it’s best for a home being remodeled to be empty. Furniture and fixtures are removed. This might be an excellent time for a homeowner to take a vacation. Walls, doors, and windows may be removed or added, and work inside walls may happen as part of this stage. Old flooring may be removed to make way for new. 


Once the dated parts of your home are removed, new walls, windows, cabinets, and doors can be added. Take advantage of Arizona’s beautiful views with bay windows or French doors. Remove walls for larger rooms or turn your small bathroom into a spacious spa. 

Painting and Flooring 

Once the framework of your home remodel is in place, the magic of color and texture comes into play. Emery Lane will handle the painting and flooring to create the luxurious space you envisioned.  

Finishing Touches 

Emery Lane’s attention to detail stretches to the completion of your home renovations. Finishing touches to your home remodel, such as adding lighting fixtures and hardware and sealing floors, are part of the company’s home renovation experience. 

The Emery Lane Experience 

Your home is the most significant investment you will likely ever make. Home is where you enjoy private moments as well as family celebrations. Why not make your Arizona home a beautiful and luxurious living space? 

Whether your home is built by Emery Lane, remodeled by Emery Lane, or sold by Emery Lane, you can be assured of a home that is as beautiful as it is convenient. Lasting quality and exquisite workmanship are the hallmarks of the company’s home building and home remodeling.  

The Emery Lane Homes experience is one of trust, quality, attention to detail, and expert craftsmanship.   Come live life on the lane and learn why Emery Lane is being called one of the best home builders in Arizona.