Why Sell your Arizona Home
with Emery Lane

Emery Lane Homes cares. We care about our community, clients, quality, & overall well-being of every individual. Our focus is not only on building quality homes, but to also preserve the neighborhood aesthetic & keep our sellers satisfied. 


If you want to sell your Arizona home, we will be more than happy to figure out the best solution. Our team of real estate experts know that you want market value for your home. We have experience in helping those in every scenario, upsizing, downsizing, probate, marriage, divorce, foreclosures, growing family, etc. 


We understand both the good & bad for wanting to sell your property. Whether you need a speedy 10 day close or a long 3 month post-possession, we will gladly try our best to accommodate your best interests to make sure this is easy & smooth for you!

Process of Selling with Emery Lane


Our real estate portfolio is diverse, we do it all! From rentals to single family homes to industrial, we see potential in every type of property.


Please fill out the form with all the information about property you are interested in selling. A real estate expert on our team will then be able to reach out to you to discuss your goals & scheduling a consultation. 

Create Game

From there, we will meet with you & take a look at your home in order to create a game plan that is a win-win for all parties involved.

Exceptional Communication

Every situation is different, we understand the difficulties in selling so we’ll take it one step at a time. Based on your independent scenario, we will explain each step of the way as we proceed!

Sell with Us

Please complete this form with information regarding the property you are interested in selling. A real estate agent from Emery Lane Homes will contact you to further discuss your goals.


  • Describe the issue or problem your client was facing

    A past client of ours has lived in their home located in Phoenix 85018 for over 25 years. Raised a family, lost loved ones, experienced many up & downs in their home. At the retirement age, their home became too big for them & they were debating on downsizing. They figured with the hot Arizona seller's market they'd get top dollar. However, they were still on edge of letting go of their beloved home & letting a herd of people swarm their home to begin an overwhelming bidding war. Not to mention, in this crazy housing market being a buyer & finding a new home is intimidating. So they called us along with a long list of other builders.

  • What were the potential solutions at play

    There were many hurdles to overcome in this scenario. First, why us & not the other builders? We built a friendly relationship with the seller, listened to their stories, wants, needs, & desires. From there we were able to create a relationship of trust to build a game plan that will benefit them. If they wanted to keep their home, we could remodel it to better suit their modern lifestyle. Or, they could find a new home/lot & we could remodel that home for them. Lastly, if they wanted to sell, they wanted top market value for their home.

  • What solution did you go with and why

    The 3rd solution is what was chosen. We offered them cash at market value & agreed to terms that worked for them. In this case, we closed in 30 days, earnest money was released to them in 10 days, & we allowed them 3 months to stay in their home rent-free.

  • What was the outcome

    With that being said, no one had to tour their home & overwhelm them with the typical real estate transaction - keeping social distancing relevant * reducing costs associated with commissions. Also within those 3 months, our licensed realtors on the ELH team, were able to help them find their new home which was a better size & close to their family & friends.

  • Why do you think the client loved the process

    They got everything they wanted super seamlessly. With Arizona's appreciating home values, they sold at top market value netting 25 years of equity at almost $1.5m. They were able to take their time moving, but got their funds in a timely manner. They minimized contact during a pandemic. They were able to use their net proceeds from their sale to purchase their next home cash, that experience was seamless with the ELH realtors. They created a lifelong real estate resource & relationship with Emery Lane Homes, we are always there for our clients forever.